Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wargame Figure Suppliers

Wargame Figure Suppliers
Adler Metal 6mm
Baccus Metal
Castle Miniatures Hand Painted Toy Soldiers
Elite miniatures Metals from various companies
Essex Miniatures Metal-Front Rank, Tin  Soldier and others Australian
Front Rank Metal
Gripping Beast Metal
Hat Industries Plastics-1/72, 1/35, Soldiers etc.
Hinchliffe Metal 25mm
Italeri Plastics-1/72, 1/35, Kits, Soldiers etc.
Kolobob 54-120mm Hand-Painted from Russia
MiniFigs Metal 25 & 15mm
Pegaso 54mm figures
Pendraken Metal 10mm
Perry Miniatures Metal and Plastic
Old Glory Miniatures Metal 30mm
Revell Plastics-1/72, 1/35, Kits, Soldiers etc.
Wargames Foundry Metal 30mm
War and Peace Games Australian
         Victrix Hard Plastic

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